Ashlyn Chapman

The Right way to Instagram

Instagram is powerful, yet I haven’t used it in years.

I posted an image to my Instagram story this morning — an invitation to my Improv 101 class showcase.

I already invited my core group of friends. I posted this to figure out who else I already know enjoys creative things.

I’ve been struggling to align my friendships with my interests and values. And that’s my fault. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years doing things I’m not interested in with people who don’t share my values.

I opened up my improv invite to be more vocal about my interests and values.

It’s scary putting myself out there (and I haven’t even performed the improv yet), but the response amazed me. At time of writing, 17 people DMed asking for info about the location and date.

6 were long-distance friends willing to drive 2.5+ hours to come see me (if the show was on a weekend)

3 were people I had not spoken to in years. I’m glad they reached out

Quite a few people have a conflict at that time. And that’s okay too (I don’t know how big of an audience I could handle being in front of)

This is what social media was meant for:

I cannot believe 17 people are interested in improv or me performing it.

I’ve got to put myself out there more. Maybe social media is the place to do it

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