Ashlyn Chapman

What I'm doing now

Living in Raleigh, NC.

Working full-time at Cisco as a software engineer in IT. I'm currently containerizing a legacy VM-based application (this is the first project I'm "in-charge" of!).

Reading Our Oriental Heritage, The Creative Act, and Manning's Introduction to Generative AI.

Playing Lego Star Wars (The Skywalker Saga) to completion.

Learning about distributed systems. In the process, studying for AWS Solutions Architect certification.

Playing banjo in key of C. Transposing songs from G into C. Working on C, D, and F rolls and licks.

Signing up for any and every creative class that isn't sitting-in-front-of-my-computer oriented

In March and April I took my first improv class. I've never laughed so much at absolutely nothing. Now I am prepping for our showcase.

I registered for two classes for May to June: Mondays for creative writing and Tuesdays for standup comedy.

Writing about my thoughts more

Creating this website as a way to document my knowledge, learnings, and facts. Creating pieces on Soulcraft to document my insights, perspectives, and ideas. Applying to tech conferences to speak.

Climbing less, running more

Climbing inside seems to have lost its charm. Getting to the gym feels laborious.

Running has been blissful (unless it's a hot, humid day). Recently I ran 9 miles for about 2 hours. I joined a run group. When I run with them my pace is substantially faster (~1:00min/mile).

Updated on 2024-04-15 Monday

Inspired by Derek Sivers